Waqar G.


Worked in the family business for years, no formal education, locked in 2 clients his first week earning him more than he'd make in a couple of months.

Dan H.

Banking Industry

Dan was already doing very well in the banking industry but wanted to get out. He became a BAH partner, did the first call with me and asked a very clear question. “What is the fastest way to 30k per month?”. I let him know it wasn’t going to be easy but we spent the last hour going over what I would do. Exactly one week from the day that we talked he locked in a 30k client for a 90 day contract! If that wasn’t awesome enough Dan then landed another 10k per month client the following week.

Cory C.

Agency Owner

Cory was working in his business and not on his business – so he was having some success, but just couldn’t scale. When he transitioned to follow the BAH process, he was able to grow AND get the time freedom he was looking for. He’s been teaching his son how to be an entrepreneur, sharing the BAH method because it is just that simple to follow.

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