Q: What exactly is the Be A Hero Partner Program?

The Be A Hero Partner Program contains everything you need to run a successful local marketing agency. It has everything that a total beginner would need to go from zero experience to a successful marketer.

  • TRAINING: We cover everything you need to know from building your business web site to sample contracts. How to handle sales and manage the projects that are bringing in the money. And anything we don’t cover is a short email away.
  • SOFTWARE: We have an amazing stack of tools that you can use if you decide to go “hands-on”. This includes a social/blog management tool like Hootsuite, an exclusive press release network, funnel builder, lead generation tool, and of course Hero Analysis that helps you lock in clients on autopilot.
  • DONE FOR YOU CLIENT FULFILLMENT: We understand how challenging it can be to manage employees and virtual assistants since we started our agency in 2001. So to remove that obstacle we offer done for you client fulfillment on select services like website performance optimization, social media management, and press release marketing.

Q: Who is the best fit for the Partner Program?

  • Business Opportunity Seekers (Bizop) – Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, making up the vast majority of jobs. However, 99% of small businesses have no idea how or what to market. Because of this, running a local agency is a ‘no brainer’. We give you all the tools necessary for success.
  • Local Marketing / Web Agency – If you’ve already got a small agency up and running (or want to start), Be A Hero is the perfect way to raise your game. The team behind Be A Hero has run a successful, multimillion dollar agency and has been around since 2003. We have the exact road map needed that you will use to lock in those clients. (AND avoid the pitfalls most agency owners fall into. Those are the worst!)
  • Affiliate Marketer – Ok, so gut check time. How much have you made in affiliate revenue the past 6 months? And how much have you spent buying tools? If it’s under $1000 profit, Be A Hero is probably a MUCH better fit for you. Instead of buying into the affiliate hype, go for the sure thing — local clients.

Q: How much money can I make?

We always say don’t focus on the 6 figures a year and instead focus on ONE client. Just one. Typically a ‘local’ client can be charged around $1500/month (or $18,000 a year). When following our Hero process of what to sell and how to sell it, managing this client will take you under 1 hour a week.

Can you use another $18,000/year? 🙂

Q: What’s the catch? This sounds too good to be true.

Well, we do have a bit of a shortcut since we’ve run an agency for over 15 years. We know what works and what leads to life on a hamster wheel never getting ahead. We focus on delivering on a handful of core services that do two things: provide businesses massive value (so they’re happy with you) AND lead to monthly recurring revenue (so they stay clients paying you month after month).

So not a real catch, but just a focus that leads to results. Tip: If you want to build web sites over and over, this isn’t a good fit.

Q: Does that include doing the work for me?


We have four core services that all lead to recurring/monthly revenue. All four services can be done by yourself, outsourced to a VA or outsourced to us for a nominal fee. We have a team of ninjas that have been delivering sites for years and you can use them on your own clients.

Our main goal is for you to see massive success and we want to remove every single thing that could get in the way.

Q: Do I need to be a marketing expert or tech genius to have success?

Absolutely NOT. Since you can outsource almost everything (to us or a VA) for fulfillment, all you need to do is know what is possible and let the tech geeks do the rest. (And we are here to answer questions about what’s possible in case you ever feel in over your head!)

In fact, our successful Heros range from retired folks to burger flippers and everything in between. In some ways having more experience can hinder you because you have an “old way” of doing things ingrained and that we have to break through.

Q: Do I have any monthly costs?

There are ZERO hidden or monthly costs after joining the Be A Hero Partner Program. You get all the software, the training and the option to outsource to our team for “Done For You” fulfillment if you need it.

Q: Can you go into more detail on the software that comes with the program?

  • Hero Leads
    Quickly and easily find businesses to market your services to. Just specify your niche and location and sit back while our automated system scours the web for leads that match your criteria.
  • Hero Analysis
    A perfect way to get a conversation going with a prospect is to give value for free. This web site analysis tool will quickly identify problems that the site has that need to be addressed. Get your foot in the door, actually, help the business, and get a client for life.
  • Hero Scheduling
    As you drive traffic to your site and squeeze pages and want customers to set their own appointments, use this fantastic tool. With WordPress integration, it’s easy to get this up and running and enabling you to scale up.
  • Content Hero
    Discovery trending content to share or schedule your own across your social media and websites. Grow your presence online while also saving time.
  • Funnel Space
    We’ve taken the process of creating funnels and made it super easy. Now you can design pretty pages that snag phone numbers and email addresses without needing to know how to code.
  • Impress Release
    We’ve blown the old press release model up, making them both affordable and more effective for ranking. Take advantage of the ranking power9 big business has used for years.

Q: What all does the training cover?

The training covers every single thing you need to run a successful agency. We’ve taken the hard lessons learned over 15+ years running an agency and distilled it into just the meat you need to both avoid pitfalls AND lock in clients.

    Having the right mindset is CRITICAL for success. These lessons dive right into what services Heros offer and what’s necessary to get started right away.
  • MODULE 2 – AIM
    Now we carefully choose our targets… We first identify the ideal customer, then build a list to contact, and finally pick out the bait that’ll best attract them.
    You know what to do and how to do it… Now let’s secure the meeting and close the deal! These lessons cover securing the meeting and how to present effectively.
    Great, you’ve locked in a client! Now it’s time to make it official and get the WOW… Included here are sample contracts, tips on fulfillment, and a pricing menu.
    While getting the clients can be easy, fulfilling orders is where you earn your money (and make them happy!). This section dives into the core offerings and effective delivery.
    After successfully delivering on your projects, you can now scale up more rapidly. By getting testimonials and referrals, you can level up quickly and lock in more clients.
    We have a suite of amazing tools that makes your life as a Hero even easier. Think of this as Batman’s tool belt, Green Lantern’s ring, or Wonder Woman’s lasso.
    With our years in the industry, there is quite a lot to share. We’ve included a few bonus training modules to increase your knowledge of topics you may come across.

In short, EVERYTHING a local marketer needs to have success.

Q: Can you help me get started with my agency? What happens when I join?

We want you to succeed and get you going in the right direction immediately. We know you can’t build your agency in a day and have divided the training into easy to consume chunks you can handle on your own time. And we hit you with training emails and an exclusive Facebook group.

But most important is our KICKOFF CALL. You sit down with one of our team to build you a fully customized road map to landing your first retainer client (and beyond). This plan is totally geared towards your skills and desired direction.

Q: How do I get started?

It’s simple, really…

1. Watch the training where we dive into what we offer and how we got here. We share a few ‘gold nugget’ tips and explain the opportunity.

2. Book a free strategy call. We’ll talk about where you’re at, where you want to go, and if the Be A Her Partner Program is something that can help you reach your goals.

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