The shame I felt when pulling into my driveway weighed on me like a King Kong sized anchor around my neck.

You see, through some act of God I had plied my family with enough video games and chocolate bars to get their support in starting my own digital agency… But after working 12+ hour days non-stop for 6 months, I was stretched to my breaking point.

My bank account had reached the end too.

Every year, 20% of small businesses fail and I was on the brink of adding my exhausted body to the top of that statistic. And my wife was rightly worried about our family.

This was my reality and I didn’t like it.

It’s also the reality of EVERY. SINGLE. LOCAL. BUSINESS. OWNER.

Owners struggle to pay rent, taxes, take out the trash, handle that plumbing clog, an employee got sick, oooops the
electric bill didn’t get paid, ARGGHHHH! And you know, that list goes on and on and on.

Being a small business owner (or aspiring one),I know you’ve been there too.

Well, that was almost 20 years ago now and my life has totally changed.

Each of those PAINFUL lessons are now scars that represent a lesson I’ve learned…

  • Why you need to “Get the WOW” before you even talk about paying work
  • How the “Instant Expert Checklist” enables you to get sales without even talking to anyone
  • And of course, the biggest secret I learned that took me from a 6-figure agency to a 7-figure agency with zero employees. (Hint: Hat tip to Tim Ferris and my big backpack)

These are just some of the lessons I’ve shared with our Be A Hero Partners. Lessons that have changed lives of marketers and saved countless local businesses.

I can’t tell you how good it felt when our first ragtag batch of Heros started making sales and saving local businesses. I’m talking about folks ranging from burger flippers to stay at home parents just crushing it! (Check out our results for just a handful of testimonials)

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And best of all – no battle scars necessary.

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