1. You

Marketing is ALL about the consumer. You’ll want to take “you” (yourself) out of the equation and make it all about “you” the consumer. Focus and tailor your business model and lingo around how you and your business can help the consumer.

2. Free

It’s no secret that we all love free crap, right? This doesn’t mean that you have to give your entire business or products away for free, but entice people in the door with a freebie. Offer them a free consultation, recommendation, etc.

3. Because

Show the consumer why they need you, your business, and/or your products. What makes you better than your competition? Why should they choose over someone else? Well, because…. and fill in the blanks! You can use things like “well, because in the last 5 years we’ve had X amount of success with Y amount of clients. They’ve achieved Z in their own lives or businesses.”

4. Risk Free

This ties back in with your freebie. Who can resist not only a freebie, but one that’s also risk free? Show them they have nothing to lose by giving you a chance.

5. Easy

Nobody wants to deal with a company or person that’s a pain in the ass. Nobody wants a complicated system to get results either. They want you to take their business from the slow lane to the fast lane (or whatever they’re after) in as little steps as possible. Make it easy for them! Show them results and show them that the process isn’t that complicated… However, make it obvious that even though it’s simple, they can’t do it themselves :). They need an expert aka YOU!

6. Don’t Miss Out

Capitalize on FOMO. Nobody wants to miss out on a great deal or something that can change their lives. Capitalize on this! However, you need to tread carefully here. Come off too strong and they’ll high-tail it away. You know those pushy vendors in the mall that say things like, “if you walk away from this deal it won’t be here tomorrow?” or “I only have like 3 of these left?” Yeah, that marketing technique works for some but for most of us it’s tiresome and old news. Leave an offer on the table with a time limit, but be modest about it. “I’m sure we can help you out! Why don’t you think about our services and if you decide to go with us, we’ll keep what we discussed on the table for 30 days.” or “Think it over and if you email us within the next 48 hours, we’ll throw in a bonus!”

7. Instantly

We live in a world of near instant gratification. Your business model should aim to achieve the same if possible. Assure your client that not only will you get them results, but you’ll get them results FAST. Let them know that you can solve their problems in little to no time; something your competitors can’t offer.

8. Secret

Everyone LOVES a good secret! And this includes your clients and prospects. Offer your clients secret tips, tricks, and tools of the trade that you ONLY share with those in the “know”. “Hey! I got a little trick for you that I think will REALLY help out. My business partners would kill me if they knew I was sharing this detail with you, so let’s keep it between us, ok? :)”

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