Let me share with you a story about a local yard service guy. He was a total “hippie”, and was all about organic gardening, saving the environment and helping keep yards beautiful year-round. Picture Birkenstocks, long hair, super friendly and “granola” in a good way.

Unfortunately, that hippie’s message just didn’t resonate with customers and he just barely cleared 20k in 2018. Can you say “on the brink of closing” with me?!

20k is definitely not enough to live on, even here in Houston where we’re based.

Enter Shane Brooks a personal trainer turned internet entrepreneur. He knew EXACTLY what our yard guy needed to do and laid out a specific plan of action. (He followed our Instant Expert Checklist which we give you in our free training class you can watch here.)

Fast forward a month and wouldn’t you know… That hippie was now getting so many phone calls that he was actually upset!

And would you believe he TRIPLED his business, just like that?!

Shane’s secret?

  • He had the wisdom to follow a PROVEN blueprint to help local businesses

    Recreating the wheel or struggling to deliver on a project is foolish. Instead, provide MASSIVE value by delivering actual results to business. It’s not rocket science, people!

  • With that knowledge, he had an OBLIGATION to share that blueprint with our hippie friend

    No need to figure out how to “close a deal” or “score a big project”. He just shared value up front, knowing that it was the right thing to do and the project easily flowed his direction.

THAT is the essence of Be A Hero

Shane isn’t a marketer or tech geek and doesn’t have a degree. But what he does have is heart, a desire to help AND (importantly!) make both clients and himself money along the way.

What we do is take a proven system to help local businesses and just “paint by numbers” to actually help local businesses thrive. To be a Hero you need is a desire to work hard, help others, and build your recurring revenue empire.

Best of all? No programming or sales skills required.

Imagine how good it feels when you help a local spa get so many phone calls that they can’t take them all? Or when you have a dozen clients all running on autopilot paying you retainers every month. When you’re finally able to take that extended family trip you’ve been putting off.

  • It all starts with ONE client and we’ll give you the exact recipe to make that happen

  • We’ll show you how to outsource ALL of the work so you aren’t trading one job for another.You’re gaining “the internet lifestyle”

We’ve helped Heros of all ages, education level and experience succeed. It’s not rocket science – it’s a battle tested system that flat out WORKS.

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